This chapter was the beginning of a new arc.  Apparently Eumenes is back in Cardia (his hometown) for official business.  Everyone is surprise and the town leader had to be courteous toward him.  Lets see how he is going to treat the people in the town that abandoned him.


Back At Home Sweet Home

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There was a backstory as to why King Phillip is sending his army toward Cardia.  He wants to beseige Perinthus and Byzantium so that he can cut off the supply of grain heading toward Athens.  In order to carry out his plan he sends his army toward Cardia.  The officials at Cardia is standing out to greet the new vanguard.  Hecataeous is surprise to see that the head of the vanguard is Eumenes.

Eumenes greets everyone and is led toward Hecataeous’ house.  As he is walking through the city he saw his old friends and wave to them.  One of the woman commented that he must be bad at riding his horse because he had to have stirrups under his legs.