That was an unexpected twist at the end.  People of similiar traits attract I guess and in this case it’s called weirdness haha.  This arc was really weird so I suggest you watch it carefully especially toward the end.

Brought Up To Love The Prince…She Must Be Insane

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The episode opens with the prince’s brother and his fiance coming to Earth to look for him.  The prince ask Yukitaka to hide him from them.  The prince talks about his the second prince whom everyone wants to to be the crown prince.  He then talks about the first princess of the planet Magura whom it was decided that she would become his bride even before his birth.  He then talk about how he doesn’t want to become king and even passed a law stating that the king has to be married by adulthood and if this is not met then the right of succession is transferred to the next prince.  There is only one month left before he reaches adulthood so he has to get married before that time.

The prince says that he doesn’t want to become king to protect his independence.  His brother and fiance caught up with them with a “helicopter.”  The brother wants to perform the ceremony for the marriage between Prince Baka and Princess Luna.  She wears the special bio rings which becomes part of her body and she can never take it off anymore.  The prince decides to run away instead of wearing his ring.  His subordinates were helping him escape.  Meanwhile the princess is talking with Yukitaka and she wants to stay at his place.  The second prince decides to stay at his place as well.  Meanwhile the prince found out that Mohan (2nd prince) didn’t use the military to find him as well as not being able to find his escape pod.

The prince found out that they placed some sort of barrier around the whole planet.  The second prince also invited alot of people surrounding the planet for the wedding.  The princess explains that the marriage was a political one to keep the stability of both planets.  She also explains the reason why she likes him.  Back at Yukitaka’s apartment they found that someone have place bugs in their room to monitor them.  They figured that Colin (one of the subordinates) was the spy who placed the bugs.  The princess left them some document at the end and the episode ends with a cliff hanger.