It seems like every group is screwing with Ken’s group.  First it was the CEO who treated his group like trash which led them to helping the casino boss.  The casino boss is probably going to screw them as well since we saw Pickaxe with a black and blue eye in the previous chapter.  What I like about this chapter was that Ken’s group isn’t those goody two shoes and they’d actually take revenge against the groups that screw them.  This situation was foreshadowed quite a bit in the previous chapters so I’m not too surprise but I enjoy reading the revelation of the past.

Hard At Work To Spread Scandals

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Ken’s gang was comically talking about how to get more money.  In comes the weasel face man from the casino who gives them 100 million wons and tell them that if they can get revenge against the CEO they would be paid a percentage of the casino’s earnings.  They started to contemplate as to how they can get revenge considering the CEO have power in police and the media.  They start to spread news of the Normandy Landing (the casino invasion a few chapters ago) through the internet since they can’t really block the internet and soon the police arrested the CEO.

The casino boss said that he learn alot through this ordeal and he has come to two decisions.  First is that he’d come back to the mafia and he is going to call back his lieutenants from the providence to help him.  His second decision is that he’d make the casino their new untouchable fortress.  He said that he would not pay Ken’s group and tell the weasel guy to deal with them if they come collect their money.  Soon afterwards Pickaxe came by to collect the money without permission so that he can take all the money and become the new boss.  Scene switches over to Ken who got a peek at panties and was informed that Pickaxe is in the hospital.