I got the spoilers from apforums.  Anyway it seems like everyone is meeting up at the forest and Jinbe is revealing all his secrets.  It seems to be interesting with all the high packed action happening on Zoro’s side while the story driven is on Luffy’s side.

Jinbe's WTF Face

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here when it is available.

Zoro Should Be A Cook….Making Sushi

The chapter starts with Zoro moving faster than Hodi under water.  He was running out of air so he went up and got more air however the king has informed everyone that the water will eventually submerge the whole palace.  The king did some attack to break open the palace for everyone to escape.  Hoe is helping him escape with the rest of the SH and meanwhile Hodi and his crew ate the ES drugs.  He caught the king and the king told his men to get the princes.

The scene switches over to Luffy who has arrived at the Sea of Forest.  Robin has gone wandering deeper into the coral while he meets up with the rest.  Nami and Camie also just arrived and Sanji is back to his old self.  Shirahoshi is crying at her mother’s tombstone while Jinbe explains that he was the boss that let Arlong go to East Blue.