This is good chapter to explain the situation between Grevil and Victorique.  The inspector have good taste though since Jacqueline is pretty cute.

That Is What You Get For Pretending To Be A Doll

As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

Grevil is talking to his father and his father is saying that it is his job to look over Victorique even though she has been roaming around.  Jacqueline and her maid is shopping around the marketplace and mixed up her bag with another man.  The teacher is telling Kujo about how a madame is trying to donate her books to the library and it turns out to be Jacqueline.  The three went to the library and Kujo said that a monster lives at the top.  Victorique pretends to be a doll to scare her and got hurt instead.  They start to talk about Jacqueline’s past and the murder case involving her.

Jacqueline is talking to Grevil in a coffee shop and is being silly and depressed because of the murder accusation.  She is thinking about turning down Signore’s proposal because she doesn’t want to bother him since he is a police officer.  She continues with the story and say how the wife came forward and confessed.  She had to leave abruptly and Victorique explains to Kujo about the culprit and the mystery.  Paula wrote the words on her arm herself and tried to frame Jacqueline.  The victim was suppose to write p for Paula and not q but since he is lying on his back it became a q.  Grevil solved the case but told Paula to confess but not mention him in the report.  Victorique made him do that weird hairdo as payment.  Grevil meets up with the two and told Kujo to go away using the elevator.  Grevil retell that night about how he asked Victorique for help.  Jacqueline leaves without ever meeting Grevil.