I wish this scene is in alot more anime/manga to get people to stop being emo.  Pretty good chapter to get him to stop being depressed and time for him to step it up and solve this case.  BTW 06xby0wqexz58yw just in case you guys can’t enter it correctly.

Toru You Baka!

You can download it from Simple Scans or Ala-Atra Scans.

This chapter starts out with Sasamori crying outside of Toru’s house telling him that she has been putting herself in his shoes to think about why he’d be depressed.  She said that he is an idiot for not relying on his friends.  She finally got him to go out of the house and go back to school with her.  Back at school all the students aren’t looking at each other because of the fear of the iris hunter.  Toru stated that the situation is perfect for him to do whatever he wants.