The raw was released.  Check out the review I did for the spring anime here.  I’ll update this post when the subs are out.  I’m looking forward to this anime considering Freezing is ending so I need another anime to take its place.  This is a pretty confusing anime with the whole jumping back and forth and not explaining anything.  I figured as much though from the short bit of manga that I read as well as the reviews.  It is quite interesting with the whole concept of time traveling.

Is This Your Cell Phone?

You can download from Mazui when the episode is available.  The HD version was released however there are bad news that came along with it as well.  The group Mazui decided to drop the series and advise people to watch it from Crunchyroll.  You can also get it from Commie Subs.

It starts out with a man and a woman on top of the roof talking.  They then head into the El Psy Congroo area.  He then explains he came to the area to see the “invention of the century.”  He runs to the roof and received a call from Mayuri who wants money to get some toy.  He puts 100 yen and got a metal Oopa.  She calls him Okarin but he prefers to be called Hououin Kyouma.  Dr. Nakabachi’s conference about the time machine started.  At the conference he called out the doctor saying that his paper was about John Titor’s time travel which was released in 2000 on the internet.  A red haired girl came by and pulled him out of the room telling him that he wanted to tell her something fifteen minutes prior.  Her name is Makise Kurisu.  He said that she is an agent for the Agency.  She ask him what he wanted to tell her because he looked very worried. He ran off, received a call from his cell phone, and met up with Mayuri and she told him the metal toy that she lost was worth 10000 so they want to find it however they heard a scream.

He followed the scream and saw Makise’s bloody body.  He sent a mail through his phone saying someone stabbed Makise and when he press send he got teleported into another world.  He saw Mayuri and a building with something that crash into it.  The scene switches over to the scientist in his research building.  He starts to introduce all the people in the his research group as well as explain how to get to his research building.  It seems like alot of events didn’t happen like how he experienced it like the professor not showing up for his conference.  His television got broken so he carried it to Mr. Braun to get it fixed.  Afterwards he talks to his “hacker” telling him that they’ll go ahead with the microwave phone.  They put bananas into the microwave and he entered 120 into his cell phone and afterwards the bananas turned green and moldy.  He said that this is the works of Steins Gate.  He couldn’t find the mail he sent himself about Makise’s stabbing.  He then saw her standing by a pillar.