Totally forgot about reviewing this OVA.  It was basically just fanservice with Satellizer having a cold and have a “new” uniform thanks to her cold.  Ganessa and Rana join in the fun.  It wasn’t really that good of an OVA and it was really short but it was still Freezing.

Oh Noes Her Melon Size Boobs Are Showing

You can download the episode from Hiryuu, Hatsuyuki, and WhyNot when they’re available.

Satellizer is fighting Ganessa like during the fighting scene at the beginning of the series.  She has a cold and that caused her Volt Weapon (clothes but not weapon) to disappear.  Rana starts to grope her and they start rubbing their tits together.  Kazuya was getting mesmerized by Satellizer’s tits so Rana decided to remove her uniform as well.  Arthur starts to get antsy after seeing Satellizer and Rana so Ganessa took off her uniform as well.   They start to fight when Kazuya explains about the medicine.  It ended up with all three getting the cold.