Spoilers are out.  You can also read them through the forum  post on apforum or just wait a bit and I’ll post it.  I love storytelling arcs and this is a good one.  It flashes back about Fisher Tiger and actually shows an image of him.  Hopefully more will be revealed about the different paths that Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime took.

Fisher Tiger And The Sun Pirates

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here when it is available.

All the soldiers in the castle got away safely except for the king.  They’re going to reinforce their forces and return.  The NFP lieutenants are making the town people step on Queen Otohime’s picture or leave the town.  At the town of Watermill, Prince Fukaboshi is enraged because of the picture on the fumie is his deceased mother.  At Coral Hill people are talking about how Luffy kidnapped the princess as well as showing Cariboo who is scheming to kidnap the princess.

The scene changes to the Sea of Forest where Jinbe tells Shirahoshi not to worry because he’ll save the king.  Sanji brings his tea and told Jinbe to watch his tongue because what he says will determine whether Sanji would forgive him or not.  It flashes back where Nami saw SA looking very similar to Arlong Parks.  Jinbe starts telling his tale about how two people who rose up to deal with the racism between humans and fishmen was Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger.  Queen Otohime tried to bring peace and friendship between humans and their kind while Fisher Tiger gave up on the future and instead took actions to free the slaves.  The scene flashes back to Fisher Tiger and his Sun Pirates when Arlong and Jinbe was still young.