I believe there will definitely be a second season considering it ended with a cliffhanger.  Also because boobs will always sell like with Sekirei there will be a second season that will deviate from the manwha.  It wasn’t so bad of an ending.

Fuck Wings Of Light When You Can Have Rainbow Wings

You can grab the episode from HiryuuHatsuyuki, and WhyNot when they’re available.


The scene opens up with the girl that escaped from Elizabeth getting acquainted with  Ticy and Chiffon.  Ganessa protected Satellizer and half her body got chopped off.  She said it is her duty to protect her comrade.  Arthur is trying to comfort her however it looks like she died already.  Satellizer entered Nova Mode however Cassie used her quadruple accel.  Satellizer was able to parry all her moves and chopped her into pieces and ripped off the red crystal on her chest.  Cassie told her to kill her however Kazuya interfered and told her he doesn’t want her to kill her comrade.  She was able to come to her senses and her stigma levels went back to normal.  Ganessa woke up and Cassie is talking to Satellizer asking her why she didn’t kill her.  Satellizer realized the reason behind having Pandora.  Chiffon and Ticy was able to take out the intruder.  The nova disappeared right in front of their eyes and appeared in front of Chiffon.

Everyone is told to take out the nova at all cost and all the 3rd years and 2nd years came to do so.  The red crystals that Satellizer is holding is merging with her.  Satellizer used freezing on everyone and the Nova is fast approaching Maria.  Everyone activates their Pandora Mode to allow themselves to be able to move within the freezing effect; however Satellizer used a more powerful freezing on them.  Satellizer is asking for help and Kazuya used his freezing.  She sees Aoi Kazuya  and she says that her stigma will provide everyone strength to protect everything precious to her.  Satellizer grew some rainbow wings  and was able to come back to her senses.  Everyone is using their Ereinbar Set with Kazuya and they were able to take out the Nova.  Everything is back to normal the Cassie leaves and want to join the Chevalier Squad.  The group is visiting Ganessa and they saw Satellizer at the hospital.  Satellizer told Kazuya to come to her room and perform the baptism.  They have a competition of skin in her room.  Sister Margaret is talking to professor Aoi about how this is just the start.