She started out strong showing off her new Pandora powers however after being blackmailed by the video tapes she became weak.  This arc is annoying and I just want to get it over with and have the story move toward the 3rd years.

If Only She Could Of Maintained Her Conviction

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As promised here is the summary of the chapter.  Louis visits Stella in the middle of the night to “talk.”    He talk about how they’ve been separated for four years and he bet that no guy has made her happy yet.  She told him to get out of his room and showed how she can crush a table with one hand.  She said she isn’t the old Stella anymore and can kill him instantly.  He knows all about her powers because he is a limiter himself.  He ask if she kills him wouldn’t Violet be saddened by her actions.  He says that she is still his toys and calls her a dirty slut.
He said if it was because of Kazuya that she feels superior to him now.  She replied with “yes” and that she loves him.  She calls him a “psycho sadist” and then told her if the japanese guy would look at her the same way after seeing the videos.  In the video, Stella is younger and is naked while begging for food.  He starts to take off his belt to whip her and the scene changes to Kazuya where he wants to treat her like a gentleman the next morning.  Louis is whipping Stella with the belt and says that he’ll jog her memory of whose property is she.