This episode is very cute and the two problems that was describe during the episode can actually be solved by the audience so it’s pretty interesting.

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As always you can grab it from Derp or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

Everyone is getting ready for their summer vacation.  It is too short of a time for Kujo to go back to Japan however Avril asked him if he wanted to come along with her to the Mediterranean Sea.  He heard a bell from the library and told her to hold on a minute.  Victorique asked if he had any case for her or whether he brought her any sweets and he said there aren’t any.  Victorique drove him off and was saddened that he wouldn’t be near her.  He decided last minute that he couldn’t leave Victorique alone and Avril found out that Victorique is a girl.

Victorique is reading a book and is getting irritated by the sunlight and Kujo covered it with an parasol.  He gave her some candy from Japan and also a letter from his brother.  There was a flashback where Victorique told Kujo to asked her brother to solve a problem within 5 minutes.  He gave her an abstract picture and told his brother to make another horse within a horse.  Kujo’s brother and sister mistakes her for a little child.  Kujo climb on the tree and reminisce about his childhood life.

The housemother gave Kujo a cake which he shared with Victorique who is stuck on a tree.  She couldn’t get down and told Kujo to leave the cake there.  The teacher came by and ate the whole cake.  It started to rain and lightning appears and Kujo started to remember about his past.  He went back to the tree and “rescued” Victorique.  She made tea for him and is dressed in a kimono which ended up being a funny scene.  Kujo’s brother issued her a challenge with problem solving.  She solved it within a second and told him that she admit that he can climb trees better than everyone else here.  She tries to encourage him afterwards.