Got the spoilers from apforums.  It’s nice that Usopp’s pirates have grown up.  This chapter was kind of boring and only thing it really add to the storyline so far was showing Queen Otohime.  Hopefully more story telling will be done.

Queen Otohime

You can check out the chapter on MangaStream or here when it is available.

Front cover displays the Usopp’s Pirates a little bit grown up.  There was a thief in the marketplace and Queen Otohime came to the rescue.  She used her haki to dodge the bullet and continued to slap the thief.  She had a fracture in her hand as a result of the slap.  She asked the thief why he’d chose to steal from others and he explain about his situation about how others have burned down his business and now he does not have a job and his kids are hungry.  She continues to slap him and tell him that even so he should not set a bad example for his kids.  She cried and apologize to him as well and changed his heart.  The kids tried to hug her and she slap him because she had a running nose.  She gave a speech and asked for people to sign the petition however people are reluctant to sign it.  The scene switches over to the palace where the king informs everyone that the queen was born with the color of observation and that she is trying to do what their ancestors have tried and failed.

The scene switches over the Arlong who is beating up the recruits.  Jinbe told him to put the recruit down as well as give the paper back because it was important to the queen even though he doesn’t really care about the paper.  Arlong called him big brother however Jinbe referred to him as scum and garbage.  Fisher Tiger came back from his journey and news of his adventure about how he punched one of the Tenryuubito.  Jinbe resigned from his position in the army and followed Fisher Tiger on his journey and they called themselves the Sun’s Pirates.  They tattoo themselves with the sun mark to cover up the slave’s mark so that they wouldn’t be recognize from one another.  Jinbe was very cruel in that he beat up a marine that was already unconscious.