This episode was quite funny with the way the different characters interact with each other.  Also the cross dressed guy was hilarious as well.  The plot in itself right now is quite confusing but it is quite interesting.  I’m looking forward to the next episodes to find out what is going on.

Nyaa…Welcome Master

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Okarin and his colleague saw Makise and he can’t believe that she is alive and starts touching her to make sure she is real.  Makise is giving the lecture on time machine which she thinks is foolishness.  Okarin objects to her conclusion and they start having a discussion regarding the validity of time machines.  The scene switches over to Hououin who was complaining about how Makise proved that he was wrong just because she was a bit smart.  He then received a call from Urushibara Ruka who is practicing swordsmanship.  “He” gave him a few bags of corn and they start talking about exorcism.  He pretends that his right arm is possessed by evil spirits.  Hououin then say that Ruka is tall slender and feminine; however, he is a guy.  Hououin and Mayuri walked back and he asked if she heard any scream when they were at the radio station and she replied with no.  He saw Mr. Braun and is introduced to his part time worker, Amane Suzuha.  He starts to do some research on his hallucination and found a website about John Titor.

The website starts talking about the world lines.  He starts rampaging through his stuff to find information about John Titor.  His colleague does not know John Titor.  The scene switches over to a woman taking picture of Hououin in the street.  She is taking the picture to have proof of what she has been doing during the day.  She shows him a picture of an old PC and blackmail him into telling her someone that can give her information about it.  She is scared of him when he asked for her phone so he told her to send him a blank email.  He meets up with Mayuri at her cosplay maid cafe.  His colleage told him about the ultra rare computer that the woman sent him.

The scene switches over to Hououin in his lab doing experiments on the bananas and microwave.  The banana disappeared and the banana in the original bunch became green gel.  Makise came by the lab and said he is doing an interesting experiment.