This chapter explains how the iris hunter was able to disable people’s iris as well as provided background information on Kuga and Torikita.  Chapter 17 was a pretty sad chapter that explains about Kuya’s past which made her out to be who she is today.  It also explains why Torikita is helping her.  Chapter 18 brought together Sasamori and Toru to counter and restore people’s iris.  Overall the explanation was kind of meh given how much they’ve tried to build up the iris hunter; however, I still enjoyed the chapters nevertheless.

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Chapter 17 starts out with Torkita being compared to Kuga when they were still kids.  Kuga was able to see the adult’s emotions so she was able to understand them very easily while Torikita thought he had a useless iris.  He saw the arrows pointing in different directions for Kuga’s parents and he told her; however, she already knew and wanted to keep it a secret to make her mother not be sad.  Her father left bruise marks on Kuga’s body.     He finally realize that she was able to see people’s emotions however she lost her own feelings.  He made a promise with her that whenever she is in trouble that he’d support her he she expresses her own feelings.  She didn’t feel show her feelings  to anyone except for Torikita and that is why he has to protect the one that she was happy.  He would become a villain and framed Toru however in the end Toru came back to school and people were talking to each other.

Chapter 18 starts out with Kuga asking Shinozuka what was his iris.  He then explains the process behind the iris disappearing act.  She made the iris disappear by figuring out the people’s iris and then making them not see what they don’t want to see thus creating the illusion that their iris has disappeared.  An example of this was Sasamori who didn’t want to see her compatibility with Toru.  He then explains about how her iris to see people’s emotion was what allowed her to perform the iris hunting however there were three weaknesses to her plan.  She could not erase people’s iris without know what it is.  The second was that if the target has recovered from the trauma then it won’t affect them, IE they’ve already known about their weakness.  The third weakness was that it cannot be used on them a second time.  She then told him that it isn’t easy for a person to overcome the trauma.  She then looks at everyone and they’ve all recovered from their trauma and he explained that “that” was able to help cure people.  She then misunderstood that he meant Sasamori and not Toru which caused people to talk to each other, overcome their trauma, and caused them to get their iris back.  Shinzuka explains that even though Toru was a iris zero he understand’s people’s pain more than anyone else and Sasamori complements his skills by curing those pain from people.