I was checking out the new anime that each group was doing and WhyNot was working on this project.  They seem to have good taste with the comedy aspect like taking up Level E so I figured I’d give this anime a try.  It is very funny to say the least.  Sexual innuendo, lewd remarks, and a bit of violence for comical purposes pretty much sums up the anime.  Its nice and short and it’s full of comical scenes from start to finish.  Give it a try it’s only ten or so minutes.

Lustful Demon

You can download it from Why Not or Interrobang Fansubs.

The episode started out with a woman complaining about her husband cheating on her.  The detective said not to worry since she’ll be able to reap her rewards after the divorce; however, she said that it wasn’t enough of a punishment.  Sakuma, the part time worker then goes on to introduce Akutabe and give the background story for the woman.  The woman would rather make her husband suffer so Akutabe told her he can help however he isn’t responsible for what he will be doing.  He then proceed to take Sakuma back to the storage room and then summon a demon while he was eating.  After a funny conversation between the demon and Sakuma, Akutabe beings to introduce him.  His name is Azazel and he is a demon that incite lust and specializes in sexual harassment.  She begins to inform Azazel about story behind Fukuda and her cheating husband.  He leaves to take care of the problem before she finishes her explanation.

The next day the Fukuda came by the office and starts yelling at them while having a peculiar “perfume” on.  They summon the demon again while he was sleeping.  They “woke him up” and inform him that he harassed the wrong person.  He apologize and after receiving his sacrifice he went back to work.  The next day Fukuda came back with a pair of huge breasts.  They summon the demon again while he was having sex.  After a funny scene with his female demon Akutabe offered to cancel their contract if he can accomplish his task.  Azazel made the husband impotent and couldn’t satisfy anybody including his wife.  Akutabe cut Sakuma’s finger and made her do a contract with Azazel since he threw his contract away.