I’ve been waiting for this anime as one of my chosen spring anime.  I’ll check out the different groups and see which one I enjoy watching most and report back.  So far though it looks like most people voted for Doki Fansubs on myanimelist.  This could be because they were released first on that website or it could be because they’re good.  After watching this whole episode I kind of get the Yugioh feeling.  Seems like they battle each other in a made up dimension and winner takes all.  Interesting concept but I hope it isn’t too childish and would be able to hold my interest.

Guardian Spirit or Grim Reaper…You Decide

You can get it from Doki Fansubs, gg fansubs, Hatsuyuki, or Nutbladder

It starts out with a man at a atm failing at getting money out the machine.  He then insert a black card into the machine which asked for a pin code and then he left the place.  He got into a car who then took him to the Financial District, a place that is beyond his dimension.  The scene then changes to a man standing on top of a building in the district and is talking about the people, money, and the district itself.  He talks about the importance of money and it is the sole reason that ties him to the world.  Masakaki, a joker face person then informs Mikuni that it is time for his battle.  He then complains that he has a date but rules are rules.  He then goes on to face his opponent and informs him that he isn’t the type for  beginners.  He easily wins the fight and stabbed the man at the beginning of the series.

Kimmimaro is then shown at his university. He is talking to Hannabi during lunch about the civil service.  He left in a hurry when they were talking about going drinking before she can give him the exam notes.  The man who lost the battle then kills himself at the train station.  Mimmimaro then goes to this two part time job and he saw Hannabi who gave him the notebook.  She left with her boyfriend and he returned home soon afterwards.

While studying for his exam he saw Masakaki who told him about the importance of money.  He told him to get out however he was able to get into his apartment and takes him into another dimension.  He then talks about being an entrepreneur for the Financial District.  They’ll give him money for risking his future.  He said he doesn’t need it and the next day he found 500,000 extra in his bank account.

The next day he was talking to the guys and Hannabi again.  He said he might go to the drinking party which is unusual for him.   He then told his coworker about the 500,000 in his bank account.  One told him that it isn’t that much and that he should keep it while the other one told him he should give it back at his age but at the man’s age he’d keep it.  He decides to take out the money and then Masakaki appears in front of him.  He said that if he has money he can win Hannabi’s heart and he responded that Hannabi isn’t that type.  He then goes on and talk about his dad which got him mad.  He gave him the card and the invitation to the Financial District but they’ll take his future as collateral.