Romance is brewing in the summer air or it might be the scent of death.  The story about the philosopher stone has been retold in countless books and movies so it didn’t surprise me that they made an episode about it considering the setting of this anime.  Look forward to seeing Victorique solve the mystery behind the masked man who has committed a crime using alchemy.  There was a new ED so check it out; however, the song seems a bit sorrowful though.

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As always you can grab it from Unlimited Translation Works or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

The episode opens up with Avril screaming skeleton and choking Kujo.    They started to walk out of the movies theater and saw a few kids singing a chorus.  Kujo then ask Avil why she came back early from her gradma’s house and she is thinking the reason which is because she didn’t want Kujo and Vicotrique to be together.  She then pulled him off to a clock tower that resemble the one in the movie.  After kicking the door they went inside and was dizzy when they went up the stairs.  She then explains about “Leviathan the Alchemist” who was a masked alchemist who lived 20 to 30 years ago and they built a workshop in the tower for him.  He was favored by the queen but the king feared his powers and attacked him however he seems to be immortal.    After failed attempts at scaring Kujo, they heard some footsteps noise and it turned out to be the teacher Cecile who told them yelled at them for going into the tower.  Kujo left Avril walking alone and head for the library.  While falling and thinking about why Kujo is late, a popup book fell on Victorique’s head.  It is a book about Leviathan the alchemist and it explains about a mystery that nobody can solve.  Kujo came by and she told him that he was that the movies and then they talked about the philospher’s stone however she said that they’re all fake.

Kujo was eating and the waitress told him to introduce him to the red haired man because her friend said an oriental person was walking with a handsome red haired man.  Kujo then saw the oriental man walking by the clock tower and followed him. The man was dying with a purple index finger and he said the Leviathan’s name before he died.  The inspector came by but his hair was not pointy and was down.  Kujo told Victorique about the situation and she said that Leviathan is an idiot and he accepts his challenge.  As he was running down the stairs to chase after her he found the pop up book which explains the story behind the Leviathan.  He was a nameless traveller and he acquired the philosopher’s stone during his travel.  After giving up travelling he settle at the clock tower and made gold and his name spread throughout the country.  The baron thought he was fake so he order soldiers to look for gold in the clock tower.  Then he told the masked man to create gold which he did in three days.  There was a young boy named Ian that believed in his powers.  He showed his powers to create a blue rose to the queen as well as gold and his opinions was even sought for political purposes.  He could not stand his sin which was the murder of Ian.  The episode ends with Victorique running toward the clock tower and the inspector is talking to the red haired man.