This was a very long chapter but it turned out to be quite good.  It had a twist in the middle of the chapter which shows the new respect that Tae-Soo gave Ken after admitting the truth.  Ken turned out to not be a total idiot and Bon Fuu did make an appearance at the end which foreshadows their meeting again.  The twist was pretty clever and was unexpected so check out the chapter to find out what happens.

New Found Trust

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Thanks Weaper for providing the summary.  Ken stood back up and he finally found his answer to the question that every Lieutenant asked him which was “what does it mean to be the boss.” Ken fight with his newfound conviction and won. He announced to everyone “that casino is mine.”
The katana wielding bodyguards attack Ken; however, Marin intervenes and got a non life threatening cut. There was a full assault on Ken but the Weasel guy took a katana and pwn everyone and he decides to follow Ken.

After the change of propriety of the casino Ken leaves while sleeping in the backseat of his car.  All the lieutenants bow on his way out and called him “boss.”  The CEO of the Fine Corporation made an appearance and learned of the news about the casino raid and said “I wonder if I didn’t put them in the spotlight too soon” which foreshadows trouble in the future.  Ken left the same team in charge of the casino however they’ll be working under Coi Bae-Dal, the head instructor of mount Ji-Ri.

Ken asked Tae-Soo for a private conversation and told him that he isn’t an idiot because he understood everything since the beginning.  The group who gave the CEO’s son a beating included the weasel guy who was working for Tae-Soo.  This would lead to a gang war where the CEO would have asked the Sun Ken gang to take the casino which would of lead to the actual situation.  The plan would have followed suit; however, the weasel guy decided that he would follow Ken only if he was worthy of it.  Tae-Soo confesses that what Ken said was the truth and that the casino was owned by his late father and the previous casino boss betrayed his father.  Tae-Soo asked why Ken still followed his scheme if he knew all along.  Ken stated that it was because it seem as if it was really important to Tae-Soo and he had faith in him because he was his friend.  Tae Soo kneel down in front of Ken and pledge his alliegance to Ken.  Meanwhile Kim Kae Lin was put in charge of killing the ex-casino boss without Ken’s knowledge (Ken is kind and just asked him to leave the city and never again to appear in front of him).  Just before she was able to carry out the deed, the casino boss was killed by another assassin who turned out to be Bon-Fuu, the thai guy from the time with Miss Yoo’s rape.  He told Kim to tell Ken that “we will soon meet.”