The hilarity continues as they introduce the second demon.  I guess great minds think alike and since he is best friends with Azazel you’ll know that he will be funny as hell.  Beelzebub is a fly o_O that can induce organism to go use the shitter.  Why is he putting that crap in a tuppleware….watch and find out haha.

Most Powerful Ability

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Sakuma is at her university talking to her professor who notice she has been missing class.  She said that she is working at her part time job and then Azazel is saying that she is just slacking off at some dude’s place.  Since she is working at a detective agency the professor ask her to look for his missing dog.  They later watch him on the TV and Akutabe does not like him.  He still accept his client’s request though and he wants to try out a new demon.  He was summoned  while taking a shit and he introduce himself to be Beelzebub Yuuichi.  Azazel and Bee said they went to school together but got separated in high school due to grades.  Bee called him Azazel-kun and Azazel said they aren’t kids anymore.  Akutabe told the demon to help Sakuma in her task and maybe he’ll enter into a contract with him.

They later found the dog by utilizing Beelzebub most powerful ability which cause the dog to take a poop.  He explains that he can cause organism to defecate and that is when they’re most defenseless.  He then proceed to collect the poop into a Tuppleware.  Sakuma was praising Beelzebub which cause Azazel to cut his wrist.  She gave him a pigs leg which cause the dog to bite his face off.  Beelzebub then proceed to say he’d go have dinner and proceed to the microwave to heat up his food.  Sakuma yelled at him to not put his poop in the microwave and Akutabe called him a scatologist.  Akutabe proceed to play around with the poop and he has figured out something.  He also explains that Beelzebub is a fly as well as kicking Azazel telling him that he got a job for him.  They bring the dog back to the TV station and during the show Beelzebub gave Tocky (the dog) a pig’s leg.  The professor scolded him and Beelzebub used his powers on the professor.  This caused him to try and snap Tocky in half and Akutabe showed the real Tocky since Azazel was in a dog’s costume getting beaten up.  The professor was forcing vegetarianism on his dog and Akutabe notice this from examining the dog’s poop earlier.  This was the reason why the dog ran away in teh first place and Akutabe explains that everyone hold a dark secret.  Sakuma asked if Azazel was in pain and she proceed to grope her which resulted in a face smash.