Its time for Kitano Ken to start kicking some ass for hurting his men.  Oh look what we have here, it looks like the table has turned and the big bad boss is kneeling down to the true boss.

Who Is Your Daddy Now Huh?!

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Pickaxe was sent to the hopsital and Ken asked him if he has been training like he is suppose to since returning from Mont Ji-Ri.  Pickaxe said he has been training his ass and Ken got pissed at him.  Pickaxe turned the table and said he went to the casino to get the cash back for Ken.  Ken got on his knees and apologize for him getting hurt.  Ken said he didn’t care about the money and was going to give it all to Tae-Soo if they kept their words.  Do-Heun said that he was up against an army so the only thing he can do by himself was get Pickaxe out of there.  Ken got pissed at him because he was reckless in his actions and he told Do-Heun to never do it again which he agree.

The Fine Corporation CEO was released from prison and taken to a hospital.  He still wants to get revenge against the casino boss so he called Ken and his gang.  He said that it was a great opportunity for him and his gang if he can take care of the casino.  Tae-Soo told him to watch his words because it is he who is asking for a favor and not the other way around.  He got on his knees and beg Ken to assist him.  Everyone is gathered and is asking him what he’ll do.  He said revenge and the money does not hold his interest; however, he will seize the casino ending the chapter with “Let the war begin.”