Some people were inquiring about the OVA for this show and where they’d be able to find it so I did a little search and found it.  There was suppose to be second OVA as well but I’ll see if there was a fansub for that or if it was even released.  The OVA is even funnier than the TV series.  It gave the audience a glimpse at what the demons are suppose to actually look like instead of the cute animal look that they appear when near Sakuma and Akutabe.  Moloch was suppose to be an all powerful demon of tyranny but was forced to practice cannibalism…. just watch and find out why.  Make sure to watch the preview toward the end of the episode … funny as hell.

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You can get the episode from Monokage.  I think their website is down so I’m going to direct you to animesuki.

Azazel who incites lust is talking with Moloch who incites tyranny.  Moloch is talking about how he got a gem as a sacrifice for his work and Azazel is jealous because all he got is a pig’s leg or a Zaku’s leg.  Moloch said to just kill Akutabe if he does not like the stuff he was given and begins to make fun of Azazel’s function.  A green circle appears above Azazel and Sakuma summoned him.  Azazel asked what is his job this time; however, Sakuma said that she just summoned him just for practice which got him pissed.  After he cried and bicker she told him to clean the windows as his “job.”  She then went to the other room to summon Beelzebub however she wrote a character wrong in the summoning circle and summoned Moloch instead.  He was surprise he is a cute tiny cow instead of his monstrosity appearance.  Azazel told him about the anti-demon barrier that Akutabe put up which turn them into cute little animals.

Moloch said all they have to do is kill Akutabe but ask for his sacrifice first.  Azazel seems satisfied with the meal however Moloch threw the curry on the ground and turned Sakuma into a cow.  They begin singing a song while mocking her and Akutabe enters the scene.  He told Moloch to eat the curry on the ground or he’ll kill him.  Moloch said he is like Akiko Wada of the demon world and had to eat the curry.  Sakuma got turned back into a human and Moloch notice that the curry is beef.  Akutabe made him eat the food regardless and to leave.  He told Sakuma that she was lucky that he was there to save her and told her be careful next time.  Azazel and Moloch is both depressed in the demon world.