This chapter stars Blue Note as the badass character.  All the wounded characters have been gathered so we’ll see what they can do.  Cana revealed her interest in being able to meet her father so she holds some secret.  I wonder what is Blue Note’s interest in fariy tail’s first master is about.

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You can get the chapter from Mangastream or here.

This chapter starts out with a tits shot when Lucy is borrowing Virgo’s clothes.  Charle informs Natsu that Lily is at their camp where all the injured Fairy Tails are gathered.  They ask Doranbolt to stop the council’s attack on the island while they take care of Grimoire and Zeref.  Doranbolt said it was impossible for them; however, they’ll use all their might to stop them.

Gray questioned Ultear’s motives but she said that Ur’s death was not his fault because she was simply trying to protect her young.  She also said that everything she did was from Ultear’s will.  Ezra meets up with one of the Azuma while running through the rain.  He said that he took care of the little girl.  Blue Note has left the boat and heading onward to the island.  Lily informs everyone that Natsu and Lucy are heading toward them.  Rustyrose makes an appearance to face up against Lisanna, Levy, and Lily.

Natsu and co. meanwhile meets up with Blue Note and notice all the rain is falling toward him.  He released his magical powers and it was felt throughout the island.  He doesn’t have any interest in Fairy Tail nor Zeref; however, he asks for the location of Master Mavis Vermillion’s grave.  Cana headed toward the grave to meet her father.