There were some fanservice shots in this chapter as well as an explanation on her Evil powers.  He is borrowing power levels and the line “It is over 9000…errr 1000.”  Kind of a meh chapter but alot of fanservice in the midst of the fight so enjoy it.

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Again remember to read from left to right.  You can download it from Scantily Clad.

Yoon Si-Nae’s Evil is inside Ha-Yeon and she is toying with her.  Meanwhile the maid is talking to her master about how saying how the physical body will degrade over time.  The soul is not restricted by time however it doesn’t have any physical presence.  Thoughts are different because they are not restricted by time and have a physical presence.  She is saying that thoughts will try to consume more and more energy and when it goes past a person’s limit it’ll try and reach another person.  Her thoughts will be able to save his life.  He woke up from his dream after falling down from the third floor.

Yoon Si-Nae said that she isn’t alone because others have the same powers as her.  Ha-Yeon said to release her and as long as she is a compatible survivor she can’t leave the village.  She gets beaten up with a broken arm and spine because she didn’t answer Yoon Si-Nae’s question about the compatible survivors.  Yoon Si-Nae said it wasn’t her fault and that she is stealing money from scumbags for her grandmother’s medical bills.  Eun Sung-min meet up with them and told Yoon to get away from Ha-Yeon and used his Evil to pushed her back.  Ha-Yeon starts to explain about her powers and after she lay down her cell phone rung.  Eun Sung-min picked it up he was informed that Evil is starting to build up around the building.  He said that it wasn’t important because Ha-Yeon is in critical condition at the moment but his teacher told him to worry about the Evil first because if it gets loose then the whole village will be done for.  Ha-Yeon asked for the phone and said that she understood what needs to be done as well as explaining Yoon Si-Nae’s powers.

Won In-Soo is heading toward the building.  Sung-Min resets Ha-Yeon’s arms and asked her why she is fixated in stopping Evil.  She explains that she wants to be recognized by the Phantom King if she can defeat Evil.  Yoon Si-Nae has formed a spherical Evil around her and the teachers explained that her evil is over 1000 density points while Sung Min is only 500 and Ha-Heon is 300.