Naked creamy Kim looks awesome.  I’m not sure if I’m suppose to be grossed out by the barf or get turned on by Kim’s naked body haha.  It’s an awesome fanservice chapter.

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You can check out the raws here and you can download from Random Scanlation when it’s available.

Thanks Weaper for providing the summary.  This is a heavy fanservice and comic relief chapter.  It begins with Kim all naked and being covered in a lot of gooey stuff.  Ken begins his morning routine before going to the team’s office.  Kim appear with a boar from Mont Ji-Ri and it tried to attack her while she was sunbathing naked.  It was perfect for a huge BBQ which included 6kg of ribs, 20 bottles of alcohol and 50 beer cans, sauce, spices, 6kg of steak, an almost dead boar, 3kg of mayonnaise, 3.5kg of ketchup, and 20 serving of rice.  Kim will be the nude cook and only covered by a few leaf of lettuce.  The one who will eat the most will have the right to sleep with her.

Do-Heun was out of the competition first after he was taken out by Pickaxe.  Pickaxe punched him in the stomach after he ate a lot, which was an instant KO.  Second out was Marin because he needed to take a dump when Pickaxe sung him a little song about little poop that never came out.  Third out was Pickaxe because he simply cannot eat anymore.  The last two are Tae-Soo and Ken and Ken say that he might finally understand the relationship between Kim and Tae-Soo.  Tae-Soo gave up and Ken is the winner.  Kim starts to strip but the boar woke up and charge in Kim’s way.  While trying to stop it and protect Kim, Ken got hit in the stomach and barf everything up while crashing in 6.5kg of ketchup and mayonnaise.  Kim is being covered in the goop that was shown at the beginning of the chapter.