Ha-Yeon was able to bring an end to the crazy girl and there was a naked hug to end the chapter.  Apparently having twice as much density points doesn’t really matter when you’re crazy huh.

Getting Ready To Slice Her Up

Again remember to read from left to right.  You can download it from Scantily Clad.

Ha-Yeon told Sung-Min to hang up the phone and she’ll tell him her plan.  She plans to go into the black sphere and stab Yoon-Si and after some more bickering back on forth to decide who should go in there Ha-Yeon heads toward the sphere.  Yoon-Si decides to attack her with more Evil and her density point has risen to 1250 and is about to go over the brink.  Ha-Yeon was stopped in her track however she said she’ll be able to help Yoon-Si. Yoon-Si said everyone abandoned her and there was a flashback of her dad leaving.  Then her brother was in a critical condition and her mom decides to pull the plug and get remarried.  Since everyone close to her abandon in her she asked what can a person she does not know do for her.  Sung-Min was able to conjure up his Evil outside of the sphere to eradicate Yoon-Si’s Evil so that Ha-Yeon can go into the sphere.  She goes into the sphere and stabs and hugs her to end her confusion.  Ha-Yeon then talk about the person she likes and how he is weak compared to Sung-Min because the Phantom King left.  It ends with a comical scene with the maid begging to be able to wait for her master in the store.