They finally figured out how to send the message back into the past.  Also able to get Makise to join their lab.  Everything is starting to come together in this episode.

She Tasted His Squishy Banana

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Makise came by to the laboratory and was immediately questioned by Okarin.  After her introduction she wanted to find out whether there was any truth to him saying about how she was stabbed or if he was just a pervert trying to poke her.  She then investigated the gooey banana.  She pokes it and tasted the banana.  A funny scene with her saying, “Who’d eat a pervert banana anyway.”  She said both of them are perverts and Okarin called her a pervert genius girl.  She told them to tell her about the microwave because it was put in the microwave.  They needed her help to gather information about the microwave.  Okarin gave her two conditions in order for him to reveal information about the microwave, which is to join Future Gadget Lab, and the second is to forget about his sexual harassment.  He keeps calling her names like Christina and Pervert Girl Genius.  She accepts and became the fourth member but told him to not call her a pervert anymore.

She greets Mayuri and then they found out that some electric current came from the microwave during noontime.  It happened when the satellite crashed into the building and he connected his phone to it.  Okarin then tried to find the message about Makise being stabbed.  They then start a new experiment with a phone and plastic toys.  Okarin told Makise to send him messages and got Hashida to send “Okarin is a pervert.”  Mayuri opens the microwave during the experiment and it exploded and burnt all the plastic pieces.  A message was sent to his phone and they figured it was sent five days into the past.  The phone microwave is a time machine.

He is lying on the couch and thirteen messages were sent to his phone.  It was from the woman that he met in the street.  The machine is broken now and Makise left them as well.  They’re looking at the LHC that was made by SERN and then he said that John Titor mention that they finished a time machine in 2034.  He then asks what SERN is and Hashida explains that they’re stationed outside of Geneva and focus on physics experimentation.

Okarin then said that time travel can be possible if he can create a black hole.  They say that if the LHC exist then they can create the black hole but SERN denies that it exist.  He wants Hashida to hack into SERN to find out information about the LHC.  Okarin then talk to the girl that is working part time for Mr. Braun about the lab and what she overheard them talking about earlier.  The girl with the IBN 5100 messages him again and then they talk about John Titor and his time travel.  He runs to his room to do research on John Titor and he say to not trust SERN and by 2046 they hold all the technology in the world and he needs the IBN 5100 to save the world.  Mayuri came by to bring him snacks while Hashida is trying to hack into SERN.  They wonder if Makise would return and Hashida was able to hack into their system.  He can read some emails about the LHC working correctly and found information about the Z-Program about the mini-black hole.  The email mentions that human is dead.