This was a pleasant chapter with Yumin’s fanservice.  Why is Yumin dressed like a sexy maid and getting kidnapped again?  Read and find out.  Poor Kim and her homeless clothes.

Infiltration Maid Outfit

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Thanks Weaper for providing the summary.  This is another fanservice and comic relief chapter.  The chapter focuses on Yumin and it starts out with her morning routine:  stretching and a balanced cooking to reserve her perfect body.  She does not know who she is working her body for and trying to look nice however she knows that person exist and she thinks that it might be Ken.  She got dressed and goes to work where she is put in charge of arresting two people who have been wrecking havoc lately and they turned out to be the two bikers who messed with her twice.  The prosecutor gives her the infiltration outfit and asked her if she wants to go eat something but she refused because she has a date with Ken.  While shopping with her, Ken sees Kim and he tried to hide so that he could keep Yumin hidden from the team.  Ken crashed into Kim and without noticing he exchanged Yumin’s outfit with the bag that Kim had with her.  He managed to make Kim leave and went to have dinner with Yumin.  She rethinks about the time when Ken declared his love for her and thinks that if he might be the one.  She wonders when he’ll take his chance and tell her his feelings again.

She has to join up with the rest of the police after dinner so Yumin go and change herself in the toiler with the infiltration outfit.  It’s a sexy maid outfit that Kim handpicked and the two bikers appeared to try and kidnap her again.  Ken appears and busts them but when one of the robbers opens Yumin’s laced panties he let them escape in the confusion.  Yumin bitch slap Ken’s face since this is his second time that he saw “it.”  Yumin is back in her apartment and ready to go to bed.  She has a weapon hidden under the book and her pillow and said “after all, I’m a yakuza’s daughter.”  The last page of the comic relief had Yumin in the sexy maid outfit while Kim is wearing the real infiltration outfit which turned out to be homeless clothing.