A pretty teary eyed chapter with the way the little girl/boy act.  Fisher Tiger really is a heroic tragic character and meanwhile Arlong is the douchebag just like during the Nami arc.  Jinbe on the other hand is following Fisher Tiger commands.  Makes you wonder who would be the next nakama.

Building Blocks Of Adventure

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Freed Slaves

Neptune asked Fisher Tiger about the different about the different things that he saw on his adventure and Fisher Tiger said “humans.”  Hodi’s gang cheered them on while hearing about him freeing the slaves.  Meanwhile in the grand line the Sun’s Pirates and the marines are clashing with each other.  The marines demand they give back the slaves and after robbing of their belongings Tiger said there aren’t any slaves on his ship and let them go; however, Arlong killed them and called it an execution.  Vice Admiral Kizaru took note of how bothersome the pirates have become.  Fisher Tiger scolds Arlong and Jinbe, telling them to not stoop to their level and kill people.  He told them to not seek revenge but just free people; however, Arlong argues back but was smacked down by Jinbe.  Fisher Tiger had a bounty of 230 million while Jinbe is 76 million.

Three years later on an island a freed slave kid was stuck on an island.  Her parent’s can’t take her with them so they asked the pirates to do it.  They agreed to it but because she was human Arlong started to physically abuse her.  She promised not to cry and would clean and smile all the time and Jinbe asked if she was afraid of them.  Tiger took her to his room and branded her with the Sun’s Pirate mark.  She fainted from the pain and when she woke up she tried to smile and said that she won’t cry anymore so don’t kill her.  Fisher Tiger told her that she could cry all she wants and to not compare him to the Tenryuubito.  She finally shed tears and he said that he’d return her to her homeland.