This chapter is more or less a filler chapter as far as I can tell.  It allows Ken to act cool for the audience and at the same time allow him to live a normal life with all his neighbors.

mmmhmmm Tasty

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Thanks Weaper for providing the summary.  Ken go with the rest of the Goshiwon (the place where he currently live) to a picnic in a nearby province.  Since he wants to stay in a normal relationship with them, he dressed up as a useless bum and only one of them know his true nature.  After eating and touring a bit, they stopped near a dam to have a little snack and enjoy the view.  That is when a band of few guys arrived and messed up everything.  Ken settled things peacefully by giving them the money for the rest of the trip and begged them to leave.  They accept but as they were leaving they said that they are heading toward Seoul to start a new gang and make their own rules.  Ken can’t accept that and stayed behind while the rest of the Goshiwon went back to the car.  He dressed himself up with his suit and makes his trademark hairstyle to go back and blast the five guys.  He said “if you’re headed to Seoul, that makes us enemies and that, I can’t let it pass.”  After taking care of business he changed back and joins up with everyone at the car.  The trip that should have been shortened can continue because Ken took back their money.