Haha even as a kid Miya still was able to kick ass with her frisbee.  The remaining sekirei from the previous chapters who were standing on the wooden post was Akitsu and Uzume.  More talking about the past ensues.

Kuu-Chan Actually Looks Cute When She Isn't An Emo Brat

You can grab the raw from Amante Anime or wait until A-Team release their version.

There were eight stars that fell from the sky and someone that looks like Minato is running toward the crash site.  Sekirei that looks the same as the ones that belong to Minato plus Akitsu, Uzume, and kid Miya introduces themselves to Minato as sekirei.  The Ashikabi are suppose to marry the Sekirei and obtain the power of the gods.  Each of the stars contain a pillar totallying eight and these pillars are the Kushima-tama or the sekirei souls.

The scene switches over to Minato and Miya who is naked and they’re in his subconsciousness.  Miya explains that each of the vessel had 107 feathers and one pillar of herself.  She said that what he saw was one of those pillars however she herself was sleeping at the bottom of an ocean with the current batch of sekirei.  The two that open her vessel had traits of an Ashikabi and the ship reacted to them.

The scene switches back to the flashback with kid Miya scolding Musubi for playing with her ashikabi.  Minato is off in another area where he is talking to Uzume and Akitsu.