Alot of team fighting in this chapter but they’re basically taking out the trash characters.  Miya did explain more about the Jinki toward the end of the chapter though.

Minato's Harem Getting Ready For Battle

You can find the files at A-Team’s website when they’re available.  You can find the raw files here, I got it off Amante Anime so thank the ones that scan it.

The distant selves of Musubi and Tsukuimi is on the lookout and they spotted the enemies samurai along with sekirei that resembles the ones that belong to Mikogami and Higa and they’re being lead by non other than Kurasuba.  Minato’s harem head out to fight them with most of them teaming up with each other like Uzume and Akitsu, Homura and Kazehana, Tsukuimi and Kuu.

Miya said that the ones that survived the  fight had children with their Ashikabi and they left behind their descendants and bloodline until this day.  Miya was the one that gave the Jinki to MBI however she can’t believe that they’d use it as a prize for the S-plan.  Minato notice that if they’re all descendants of sekirei then they’re sekirei themselves so they’d be able to get “shut down” as well if all eight Jinki was gathered.  Miya confirms his idea that if they gathered the Jinki together then it can be used to commit an indefinite number of mass genocide on the human race.