This is the beginning of a new arc and it is about time.  New character seems like a player and hopefully Ken kick his ass if he gets near his harem.  The “godfather” was also introduced in this chapter and Ken is as carefree as ever.

Benito Sexing It Up

You can check out the raws here and you can download from Random Scanlation when it’s available.

Thanks Weaper for providing the summary.  They are in Italy and there is an introduction of a new character, Benito Armani.  He is a 18 year old henchman of a great Italian mafia and a hugely equipped “stallion.”  Ken and his gang arrived in Italy to meet up with the Godfather, Don Prego and Benito is part of the reception group.  He immediately recognizes Ken as the boss even when the other thinks that he is only a moron.  Tae-Soo talked with the godfather about the future of the team and he needs connections in order to fulfill his dream of making a new nation.  The chapter finished off with Ken talking on the phone with Yumin where she wants to meet up with him because she is going to Italy in the next few days and she wants to meet the rest of the “game creation firm” that are with Ken.