First protagonist’s battle.  He did pretty well with an OP asset.  Msyu is pretty cute and fiesty.  Lets see what happens from now on.

Pew Pew With Phoenix Powers

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Kimmimaro was taken to the Financial District where he is shown stock holdings of different “deals.”  People are talking about the new rookie and they start to bet on him.  He is introduced to his opponent and told to touch his card to release his asset Msyu.  The battle starts and he starts talking nonsense so Msyu punched him.  She blocks the opponent’s attacks and even took a hit for Kimmimaro.  He starts to ask her about her well being and said this battle had nothing to do with him and she slapped him and tried to get away from the opponent’s attacks with him.  She told him to go hide while she gets stabbed.

Mikuni and another man is talking about their bet concerning the new rookie.  Msyu is healing while they’re talking about the rules and he told her to teach him how to fight.  She got crushed by another huge ball and she told him to invest and swipe his card.  He used Mezzoflation which made Msyu go phoenix mode and wreck the whole place with her scorched earth powers.  They won and she went back into the card while he faints from being exhausted so he was taken back.  Mikuni said that Q won the bet and she said he was the first to won a deal without knowing anything since Mikuni.  He gave her black colored money to eat and he ask her if she thinks he would end up like Mikuni.  An woman left the district while looking at Mukuni.

Kimmimaro wakes up and was greeted by the Masakaki saying that it wasn’t a dream.  He explains that he have to do the “deal” once a week and that he doesn’t have to keep it a secret but nobody would believe him.  He starts talking to his asset through the card and she is doing rehab.  He explains what would happen when he goes bankrupt and explains to him that he can take out his money.  He is able to see people holding black money in their hand.  He is eating a lot during his lunch and ask Hannabi what she’d do if she has 10 million.  She said she’d save it since you wouldn’t know what happens in the future.

The scene switches over to Mikuni who is at his workplace and he is having a private investigation into Kimmimaro.  Meanwhile Kimmimaro is at his workplace and a customer is trying to pay with the black money which confused him.  Normal people couldn’t see the black money and he talked it over with Msyu.  All the black money is from the financial district and while finishing up his work he didn’t want to give the customer the black money.  He gave them small bills which got one of the customer pissed off and Mikuni came in and bribe the guy to get out.  Mikuni explains about the Midas money and that nothing would happen if people use it.  He then talks about his father and told him to not run away and to know his own potential.  He said his name is Souchirou Mikuni and he can help him if he wants.  The woman with the lollipop is spying on the whole situation.