At long last the hermit came out of her tower and said hello to everyone.  It seems like Avril is fighting a losing battle and Victorique’s attitude is really annoying me lately.

Googly Eyes

As always you can grab it from Unlimited Translation Works or Hatsuyuki when they’re available.

Avril is wondering what kind of girl Victorique really is.  Cecile is holding Victorique and telling her to say “hi” to everyone since it is rare that she was found outside of the library.  Victorique is fighting it all the way but in the end was dragged to the classroom and was told to sit next to Kujo.  Everyone is surprise to see the “Gray Wolf” with her white skin, small stature, and golden hair.  Avril is trying to talk to her and called her a wolf-girl monster after she didn’t respond.  Victorique got angry and carried a desk to throw at her but fell down instead.  At the rest place Kujo told Victorique to apologize to Avril for hurting her but Victorique didn’t want to apologize.  Avril asked Cecile why she was so mad at them for entering the tower and she explained about how visiting people died in the tower.  Victorique heads off to try and solve the mystery of the tower.  When they’re heading off they saw the inspector who has bugs flying around his hair.  He put sugar water in his hair because he was in a hurry.  He wanted to talk to Kujo alone and explained to him that the school used to be a front for the secret royal armory and only recently accepted foreigners.  For the interest of the Kingdom of Sauville he doesn’t want to investigate the mystery surrounding Leviathan and warns Kujo to keep him and his sister out of the mystery.

Avril wants to head toward the village to solve the case and asked Victorique to come along as well.  Victorique refuses to go and called her a newt and Kujo told her to apologize.  He said that she is his dearest friend and told her to apologize but she kept quiet.  Kujo and Avril head off toward the village and Victorique is left crying as she fell down.  At the graveyard they found a grave with a lot of people’s name on it.  An old man explains to them that the grave was from 500 years ago when Protestant and Catholic was at odds with each other.  He said he saw a ghost that can’t be seen when he was a kid and the scene flashes back to when he was a kid who saw footprints.  Avril is thrilled at the explanation and then they saw Sophie who mistaken that Kujo was on a date.

Victorique is at the tower where she saw a red haired man.  She deducted that he was with the oriental man and he explains about their situation where they wanted to get inspiration for the movie.  Victorique then explains how she knows who he is and what he is after and then an old carpenter intervened.  He said that it was an old building and they should be careful.  Victorique wants him to investigate something.

Kujo is seen running off with a brown bag.  He found Victorique sitting down and he gave her raspberry sandwich which made her show her googly eyes.  Avril caught up with Kujo and Victorique and Kujo is seen telling Victorique about the information that he and Avril found out.  Avril is mad because they’re having a competition and he is helping Victorique and then decides to exchange their theories.  Victorique said that they’re both idiots for believing in Leviathan and ghosts.  She said that Leviathan died a long time ago and she showed them how to turn a white rose blue.  She saw through most of his tricks but is still waiting for the final piece of information to reveal the truth.  Kujo saw the red haired man who he thinks is Brian Roscoe and he recollects scenes about Victorique’s mother.  The two girls are left alone and Avril apologizes for calling her a monster and said that she is dense but she doesn’t want Victorique to take Kujo away from her but when she turned around Victorique was gone however the teacher overheard the confession.  Kujo is in the tower and was spotted by the red haired man.