Two new demons were introduced in this episode.  This episode wasn’t really as funny as the others but it was “alright.”  At least they’re consistent enough with the show to make Beelzebub and Azazel side with the lizard demon taking into consideration their personalities.  I feel bad for Sakuma because she is always taken advantage by different demons.

Naked Samurai Lizard

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Azazel is reading a newspaper about a 37 year old man getting arrested for stalking.  He then says how people call outers stalkers, creepers, and sicko and at this rate the men won’t have anything else to do.  Beelzebub then says how he is called a sicko for eating crap and asks what kind of era it was.  A lizard samurai demon introduces himself and spit on Sakuma.  He introduces his “master” and he explains his situation.  He said that he and another woman were in love but because the family rejects them they locked her up in a tower.  It turned out to be made up from his previous life.  They found out that he is a stalker who is stalking Hebi who is a celebrity.  Sakuma tried to turn down the offer however the lizard made her eat her words and changed her opinions.  They found out that the lizard have the power is revolution where he is able to turn people’s opinions.  Beelzebub then ask if he would not be called a sicko anymore and Azazel wants to talk to women without being giving him dirty looks which the lizard said it is possible if they cooperate.

Meanwhile Akutabe is talking to Hebi and her agent and he accepted their proposition of getting rid of the stalker.  Akutabe enters the room and was greeted by Sakuma saying that it was true love.  The lizard wants his cooperation to finish his revolution.  Everyone is on the lizard’s side and they start to attack Akutabe which he countered easily.  Okada (fat man) jumped out of the window and Akutabe is left with himself wondering about how to counter the demon’s power.  He wants to find the Grimoire and found the lizard trying to get the bag back which resulted in him getting his tail cut off.  Akutabe read the grimoire and summoned another demon to help him.  He summoned some fish woman who wouldn’t sign his contract unless he said he loves her.  He said it and after the contract was signed proceeded to kick her to the curb.  She turned into a human and was left alone to watch TV while he left.  She saw a loving family on TV and started to get jealous of the woman.  She turned that woman into a huge man and her powers were revealed to be Jealousy where the target of her powers would be stripped of the source of her jealousy.