This chapter was unexpected in revealing Cana’s father to be…  Aside from that they had to pull some sort of power to fight against Blue Note and there really was only two ways they’d be able to do that which was Gildarts coming back to help or having some new OP powers pulled out of their ass.  They chose to use the latter and Mavis giving Cana powers to protect people was semi expected.

Fairy Glitter ... Sounds Gay

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Cana is at Mavis’ grave with an illuminating light coming from it.  The grave wrote out that Fariy Glitter is sealed within the grave and when Cana touch it she was shocked.  Blue Note also wants the power and is “asking” Natsu where it is and is contemplating on getting the information from Makarov.  Cana said that she doesn’t want power and she is only interested in being a S-class member so that she can get acknowledgement from her father Gildarts.  The scene flashes back to when she was a kid and joined fairy tail.  Gildarts didn’t recognize her and she wasn’t able to tell him that she is his daughter.  Everyone admired Gildarts in the guild and she wants to live up to his name.  She said that this would be her last time to pass the test and told Lucy about the information.  She gave Lucy a card that would light up whenever Lucy is in danger.  She then breaks down in front of the grave and remembers why she is a member of Fairy Tail.  She wants to give up everything and does not care about the S-class anymore and just wants to save her friends.  She then was bestowed the power of Fairy Glitter from the grave so that she can protect her friends.  She rushes back to her comrades to save them.