Yay Makise is back and it seems like this chapter explored the tip of the iceberg concerning her past.  Oh yeah and they found an IBN 5100 PC for their experimentation.

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They continue where they left off where they hacked into SERN and found that humans died in the Jellyman Report.  There is more code however he wasn’t able to crack it.  Okarin remembers that he needs an IBN 5100 to stop SERN and he wants to talk to John Titor.  Suzu had a flashy greeting and they talk about how she is old enough to be a soldier and the owner said that he is surrounded by weirdoes.  We’re also introduced to one of Mayuri’s quirks when she wanted to reach out to the stars.  The scene switches over to Makise who is lying down on her bed wondering about the reason surrounding the cell phone machine.  Okarin and Mayuri are washing Daru’s clothes and Okarin received a few messages and one of them belong the John Titor.  He was told that he needs an IBN 5100 and runs off to his lab to wake up Daru.  After failing to wake up Daru, Mayuri said she needs to go to her part time job and she found Makise in the street.  He dragged her to the corner and told her to come back to lab.  They went to the Laundromat and he started provoking her to get her angry.

The scene switches over to Feyris Cup daytime group where they’re going to compete in a competition.  They found Okarin and Feyris told him to participate as well.  He doesn’t want any part of it however he needs information regarding the IBN 5100 and she said she’ll only tell him if he participates.  He got to battle her and said he’ll enact the G-Back plan.  He lost immediately afterwards however he said that he only needed to participate and it doesn’t matter if he wins or not.  She told him to go to the Akihabara shrine to get the PC.  He talked to Raku and then Makise called him and asked where is currently at.  They meet up at the shrine and Makise was introduced to Raku and she starts to complement her and Okarin said that it was better that she does not know.  After meeting the father they got their hand on the IBN 5100 PC however the cart was broken so Okarin and Makise needed to carry it back to their lab.