This was an interesting episode with it diving into Kimmimaro’s past as well as providing more information on the Financial District and its system.  The blonde chick took center stage in this episode by narrating most of it and it seems like she is a spy.  Spy for whom?  Watch and find out.

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Jennifer Sato from the previous chapter is narrating this episode saying that there was a legend about how a village was destroyed a man who gambled with demons and made alot of money.  She said that if that legend was real then that means the Financial District existed in the Middle Ages.  She is heading toward the Financial District to watch a Deal.  She has gone to the Financial District for 51 times however she is still considered a new person.

She summons George her asset to take her to where the deal is taking place.  The scene switches over to where Kimmimaro lives and he has a family frame with his father missing from it and he said he doesn’t want to end up like him.  Back to the Jennifer who says that her organization wants to discover the true nature of the Financial District.  The Financial District always appears at the heart of a country’s economy and her organization has infiltrated all of them and she was assigned Tokyo.  She was assigned to keep an eye on Mikuni who is very influential in the government and holds financial authorities on many large corporations.  He is trying to invest Midas money into the real world.  She recalls the event where she was invited into the Financial District.  A large sum of money was deposited into her account and she was visited by Masakaki.

The scene switches over to Kimmimaro who is visiting his aunt and questioned her about his father and mother.  She said they were good people and gave him his father’s belongings which contained a book that was filled with numbers and there was a page that contained Midas.  He asked his asset to be able to contact Masakaki; however, she told him to go to the Financial District.  In the Financial District, Jennifer is fighting in a Deal.  She explains the different types of flation attacks and how each cost a certain amount of money.  She wins the Deal thanks to her asset.  Kimimaro was questioning Masakaki and Mikuni interrupted and said he had business with Kimmimaro.  He was taken to the photographer person who was paid by Mikuni to tell them information.  He told them that his father is dead and that he was a professional person who is obsessed with money.

Mikuni took Kimmiaro to the rooftop and explained to him about his past.  He said that after winning all the money in the Financial District, he used it to buy out his father’s company.  Kimmimaro said that he’d do the same if his father was alive and Mikuni told him to not be too hasty to judge his father.  He questioned what his father’s objective was and he told Kimmiaro to find his own objective so that he makes use of his money.  Mikuni left with his asset and Kimmimaro was left crying on the rooftop.