This was a very confusing and sad chapter.  Poor Mr. Smith he just wanted some foreign booty, was it too much to ask.  I like how the author gave a general picture of their locations as well as their destination.

Traveling Through The Desert

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The chapter starts out with a short recap of what happened to Mr. Smith during his travel.  Mr. Smith and Tarasu returned to her house and were greeted by an anxious mother.  She said that she married the old man, which makes him Tarasu’s father.  He said he’d find a suitable partner for Tarasu and he’d prepare a dowry and a banquet.  Mr. Smith wanted to explain the situation however the old man got angry and pulled Tarasu into the house while telling Mr. Smith to go away since he is her father now and he has the right to her marriage arrangements.  He took out his gun and told Mr. Smith to go away.  The mother said that she was sorry and returned the gold locket back to him.  She told him to forget about her, which left Mr. Smith depressed and bewildered by the change of heart.

He went back to meet up with the group and the guide and explained the situation to them.  They agreed that he couldn’t exactly do anything since the old man was her father now.  Mr. Smith parted ways with the group and heads off to Ankara with his guide.  On his way he was thinking about Tarasu and got sick on the camel.  They settled down to camp and rest up while they talked about why Ali became his guide.  He explained about his family situation and how he needed the money to buy dowry to get married.  They then talked about the three routes that they can take to Ankara, which was crossing the Caspian Sea by boat and then going through Trabzon and skirting along the Black Sea.  And the second method was skirting along the Caspian Sea into Persia.  The third route is the shortest however it is the most hazardous with the path taking them through the mountainside.  They agreed on the long safest route into Persia.  After Ali went to bed, Mr. Smith walked off to the side and threw his gold locket into the darkness.