This episode was pretty boring since it only show them getting ready to attack the casino.  Next chapter would be the fighting one though I think so lets look forward to that.  I did some editing of the original raw file.  Some leveling and some color editing and cloning.  Took like two mins or so but I think this picture is so much better than the raw.  Enjoy.

Ready To Show Ass....Errr I Mean Kick Ass

You can check out the raws here and you can download from Random Scanlation when it’s available.

The shareholder of the casino decides to evict the mafia boss from the director’s position.  He got pissed and told the weasel guy that he’d never give up the casino.  He then explains how it is human nature to gamble and then give statistics about different types of gambling.  Tae-Soo then said that having a casino is a dream filled with violence and power struggle.  Ken said that he when he first met Oh Dal-Soo he had a very bad taste in his mouth and he didn’t want to be part of the system; however, he only has the idea of taking down the casino at the moment.  Everyone struts their new looks before entering the casino.  Ken is surprised that Kim is wearing a school uniform and he informs him that she is only eighteen years old.  She then asks him why he didn’t get more people to help attack the casino.  Ken replied that they aren’t pansies and they they don’t more than six to take down the casino.  Ken starts out by throwing out the first punch and he punched the fat simpleton of the casino.  This is the beginning of the second raid on the casino however this time it’s Ken’s gang of six going against the 300 strong army that belongs to the casino with all the old ranked solider from the organization.