Wow I didn’t expect the chapter to be out so early.  This cleared up some of the mysteries surrounding Fisher Tiger and his death.  It also brought about new mysteries concerning Kizaru and Arlong.

Fisher Tiger's Death

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Cover page is with Kaya studying while being courted by alot of guys.  Hacchi was able to get an Eternal Pose to Koala’s hometown.  She has a new haircut and started cleaning the deck.  Hacchi told her that the place isn’t Mariejois and she doesn’t need to clean.  Aladdin, the crew’s doctor told him to leave her be since it takes time to cure her trauma.  Arlong starts to mock him saying that he was a former slave and he probably hate all humans.  Arlong said that throughout their three years of sailing they saw the condescending looks that humans use to look at them.  They all have the mindset to look down on fishmen; however Jinbe said that not all humans are like that.  Jinbe said that from his experience the humans are afraid of them and Koala said it was because they don’t know anything about Fishmen.

They proceeded to catch fish and celebrated.  Fisher Tiger wanted to walk her to her hometown and she said her good byes to everyone.  Arlong said that when she grows up, she’ll act like everyone humans and he got scorned by the crew.  After FT left the hometown he got ambushed by Strawberry and his marines.  They charged him with assault and evasion.  Meanwhile the crew was surrounded by marines and Jinbe told everyone to hit the waters.  Koala had no idea what was going on and meanwhile Arlong decided to steal a marine ship to escape.  FT was in critical condition; however he refused a blood transfusion from the human blood on board.  He said he doesn’t want dirty blood in him and explain that he wasn’t on a voyage but was actually captured as a slave.  He barely escaped with his life and said that it is up to the next era to change everything.  He told them not to tell their island about their tragedy.  He said that he even though he knows that there are some humans that are nice out in the world however he could not find it in his heart to love them.  FT died a tragic hero of Fishmen Island.  The scene switches over to a younger Kizaru who was beating up Arlong who wanted revenge against the humans.  Arlong informs him that FT was dead and Kizaru took him away.