This is the start of the fighting.  Everyone is killing all the cannon characters so its pretty easy for them.  Not too much story telling here.  Ken in the meanwhile is going up the building to face harder opponents.  Lets see which ones of these strong lieutenants actually would give him problems or are they like those four white princes.

Dead Man Walking

You can check out the raws here and you can download from xscansx when it’s available.

The group of six is fighting against the 300 and Pickaxe remarked that these group of guys are better than the ones they fight against in Gal-Ki.  They kept fighting however they notice that they are up against 300 so they’ll get tired after awhile.  They went to Plan B which was pushing them a path to the back door which leads to the VIP room.  Ken runs ahead while the five say behind and become an armored wall against the rest.  Ken explains that there the director is on the 4th floor and he have called back his five lieutenants.  He’ll have to deal with each one on each side individually before he can get to the director.  He was introduced to the first lieutenant which said that he was pretty good being able to take up some of his punches however this is his first and last fight in the casino.  The lieutenant said that he thought he was ready for a fight and he probably trained in a secluded area somewhere; however he said beats real life experience.