I really like this chapter because it isn’t like regular shonens where the main protagonist would always beat the few “beginning” officers with ease.  Ken is actually losing to a starter boss no less.  The question that it raises is how is he going to deal with the ones that are better than the one he is fighting currently.  Just have to keep reading to find out!

Pickaxe's Inner Thoughts

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Ken’s vision has become blurry from the one hit that the lieutenant gave him.  The lieutenant starts to berate Ken saying that he is too flawed and lacks charisma to be able to take the casino for himself.   There was a recap of the previous chapters.  The five guys have taken out 100 of the lackeys and Tae-Soo told Pickaxe to go help Ken.  They figured that since they have Hui-Rin they should be fine however she doesn’t have endurance and decides to take a nap.

The scene switches over to Ken’s fight where the lieutenant starts to explain the importance of the casino.  He said that managing the casino is a great deal of responsibility  and asks Ken whether he would be ready to take responsibility for its bankruptcy.  They then continue their fight and Ken is hit int he liver; however, to the lieutenant’s surprise he was able to stand up.  Ken thinks that he isn’t a match for the lieutenant and can’t take the responsibility of the casino however he still must win.  The lieutenant then told Ken to go home since he thinks that Ken isn’t a bad guy.  Pickaxe then starts to attack him but Ken told him to stop because he isn’t a match for him.  Pickaxe says that he trust his boss but thinks that if he can beat the guy that beat Ken he can be the new boss.  Pickaxe starts to taunt and make fun of the lieutenant and his scars.