This chapter was all action.  Poor Pickaxe getting taken out really easily after trying to help in his own way.  Looks like Ken wins after getting his second wind.  Have fun reading the fighting scenes.

Let The Fists Do The Talking

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Pickaxe was attacking the lieutenant and told him to fight like men and do it without weapons.  It was all a diverson to let the lietenant let down his guard and he’d attack with the pickaxe; however the lietenant attacked him with a chair.  He crushed Pickaxe’s two or three ribs and said that he let Ken live because he was righteous; however he is going to kill Pickaxe.

Ken threw a flower pot at the lieutenant and attacked and did an air combo on him.  Pickaxe noticed that Ken is strong and he has reached another level and Ken told him it was thanks to Pickaxe which got him pissed.  Ken told the lieutenant that he’d trust his comrades to be able to run the casino.  They settled the fight with their fist and Ken told the lieutenant that the group imposed a three hour training everyday ever since they returned from Mont Ji-Ri; however he personally trained for six.  Ken beat the lieutenant and told Pickaxe to rest since it’d be difficult if he gets caught and he starts to head toward the kitchen.