Sorry this entry was somewhat late (usually update at midnight) however the site where the raws were hosted got messed up and I couldn’t get my hand on the raw images so I just left it until the next morning to update.  This is somewhat of a comic relief chapter even though he is fighting the second lieutenant.  I mean who goes and make food in the middle of a takeover.

Fatso Chef

You can check out the raws here and you can download from xscansx when it’s available.

Some cannon fodders get in Kens way toward the kitchen and he made quick work out of them.  He starts to drink out of the faucet and start to make fried rice with kimchi.  All the cooking makes him think about Yumin who he daydreams about until he was interrupted by a thrown knife.  The chef ask him what he is doing in his holy sanctuary and starts to throw tons of knives at Ken.  His name is Ju-Mon and he is the casino’s head chef and he was also the fourth strongest lieutenant of Lee-Man-Gu.

He was demoted to a chef position and hates the casino boss however he still work because he is a professional.  He said that all his underlings working in the kitchen is disciplined and makes his kitchen worthy to be part of the professional organization.  He said he still follows Lee-Man-Gu because he is the most professional person he met and Ken responds with a big laughter.  Ken said that he is a discarded peel that dirties the kitchen and he will own the casino.  Ken starts to bat away all the knives that were thrown at him.