This is just a basic shounen/seinen fight between two people.  Nothing really special to see.  It’s a good fight though so check it out.

Eat This Fatty!

You can check out the raws here and you can download from xscansx when it’s available.

Ken starts fighting with the chef.  He hits all the knives back at the chef.  Ken starts to move in for close combat and the chef throw his finisher move which are more knives.    Ken was able to parry all of them with his bat and hitting one right back at the chef.  It went straight for the chef’s toque (hat) which is very important to a chef.  Ken moves in for the kill and hit from above with a bat while the chef blocked the attack with a table.

The chef attacks with pot full of water and says that he chose that man as his boss for his professionalism.  He was able to knock the bat out of Ken’s hand and Ken landed near a bunch of bottles of wine.  Ken told him that he should have a good sense of smell as a Chef and threw the bottle of wine at the burning kimchi that he was cooking a few moments ago.  The explosion was able to distract the chef enough that Ken was able to go in for the finisher.  He said that a boss does need to be serious but he needs other traits as well like integrity for the people around him and be able to protect them.  He said thanks to the chef and told him that he isn’t serious but he’ll do his best to earn the chef’s respect and told him that he’ll take the casino and wants the chef to do him the honor of serving in the kitchen.  It ends with the chef calling him boss.