And we’re introduce to another sexy female.  Add another one to Ken’s harem ^_^.  She looks dead sexy and she is into S&M what more can a guy ask for ^_~.

Four Heavenly Delight

You can check out the raws here and you can download from xscansx when it’s available.

Ken is exhausted from fighting the two lieutenants; however, he has to push forward.  The 300 gang members are getting destroyed so they figure they’d go through the hallway to get to Ken.  Kim Kae-Lyn just woke up as well.  The monks from Mont Ji-Ri has arrive to lend a hand.  Tae-Soo told Kim to go ahead and help Ken while Marin will follow suit after they’re done on the ground floor.

Meanwhile Ken is on the fourth floor where everything is luxurious.  Ken got caught with a belt strap around his neck and got pulled into a room.  A sexy woman is asking for her master to help her.  She explains that her name is Cherry and she is the present for the big shots and is being held captive in the casino.  She starts to seduce Ken and told him to eat her up while tying him up for some S&M style.  She says that great men can not resist temptation and told Ken to take a bite.