This is a very very hentai chapter.  It is a new way of killing someone though heh.

What Is She Smelling....You'd Wonder

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Cherry said that men cannot resist the temptation.  She starts to fondle his dick and asked him if he wants to enter her.  She said that the casino provides the temptation and desire that destroys men’s reasoning.  She starts to pour hot wax on him, tied him up, and told him to relax.  She starts to give him a blow job and made him cum in silence.  He frees himself from the rope and told her and the casino’s desire can go to where the sun does not shine.  She starts to sweet talk him and attack him while he was vulnerable.

She attacks him with a whip and pointy high heels.  He attacks her and kick her to the wall and to the floor.  He was able to free himself afterwards; however he still have the cuffs on.  She makes a comeback and attack him with a dildo and he was surprise that she wasn’t covered in bruises considering the amount of damage he did to her.