This is just fanservice chapter.  The artist is very good at drawing these erotic scenes without showing too much “details.”  What is better than Cherry x2?  Add in the sexy Kim Kae Lin and you’ll have loads of fun.

Two Times The Fun

You can check out the raws here and you can download from Random Scanlation or xscansx when it’s available.

Cherry says that only a hypocrite man would not give into temptation and told him to use the dildo and start to remove her bra.  He ask her if he can be her master if he gives into temptation.  He starts to suck her tits and notice that she isn’t the same Cherry.  He said that she have different breast as well as her high heels.  A messed up Cherry arrives in the same room and explains that they’re twins and both of them are named Cherry.  They start to offer themselves to him and he refused them causing them to attack him.

He breaks his cuffs and grab each Cherry with each arm and cause them to scream in ecstasy.  He explains to them that his heart is already taken and in comes Kim.  Kim said that by the looks of it their breast are around 98-99 cm and said that hers if over 100cm and it still does not faze him.  They said that in order to seduce him they’ll need bigger breasts.  Kim notices that he is pretty worn out however she isn’t worried because these trials will help him become a true boss.  He goes to the next floor to meet up with the last lieutenant with the weasel guy standing behind the lieutenant.